Thursday, 13 December 2012

Love is very something...

Love, is very something for me. Did I know about love? Yes, I know. How can I love each other? Who are worth it to be loved? My Mom, My Dad, My brother and my sister. They are all need my love and capable to be loved. :) I love them and I always protecting them from something bad to prove my love to my family.

So, Did I missed something? I think I do.. I still need to be loved. I am not only a lover, but I also must to be loved, so that I can love others. Who gives me that love? My parents ? They love me, in their way. Who will love me if my parents or my brother or my sister got problem, so they unable to love me?

Jesus? Yes, that Man! Is Jesus really real? Sure. Who is that man? He is the a man Who washed my sins away.. I am the sinner, He sacrifice Himself to wash our sins. How can?
It is possible, because He is perfect. Someone told me that there is nobody perfect? Yes, it is true, except Jesus. It is possible, because He is the Son of God.
Really? Yes, First, the Holy Bible tell me that. Second, He said it Himself. Third, The Holy God told us by the Holy Bible. Fourth, Evils said that.

So, how can I guarantee that the Holy Bible is really tell the fact?
check this link :

*you can check on the other link from Google also if you want to know, why we must trust the truth of Holy Bible.

Okay, back to topic. I love my family, my family love me. And God also love me... so, that's enough? I can say yes, that's enough.. 

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